Friday, 22 October 2021


Hi I’m Justin and I play drums with Graffiti and here is a little bit about myself. 

In the beginning....

Having been born in Stourbridge in the West Midlands back in the 70’s, I became hooked on music from an early age. Brought up on a healthy diet of Led Zeppelin, Wishbone Ash and Showaddywaddy, I soon realised that the drums were for me.  


School years...

From the first rock band, QD, playing lunchtime concerts in school to gigs in local church halls, my musical experiences started to take shape! Mr Hipkiss managed to whet my appetite for music in GCSE music classes, and my cousin Nathan and best friend David Thompson helped to encourage my passion for all things rock n roll related!

Whilst playing double bass in the Dudley Schools Symphony Orchestra (DSSO), the Dudley Schools Wind Band and the Intermediate Orchestra, my enthusiasm for drums and percussion began to grow. With various concerts in Dudley Town Hall and around the Midlands, my eyes were always on the percussion section. 


College years...

King Edwards VI College in Stourbridge was a hotbed of musical activity, and I performed in everything from the Orchestra, the Choir and the DSSO. Notable gigs included Birmingham Town Hall (Choir), Queen Elizabeth Hall in London (King Edwards VI Orchestra) to The Albert Hall (King Edwards VI Orchestra) for the School Proms. The most notable tour was to Boston and New York with the DSSO, where our claim to fame was playing for Governor Dukakis at the Boston State House. 



Drumming started to take a priority and I played in Irish bands in the University of Glamorgan, followed by the KC Groovers based at The Welsh College of Music and Drama. A healthy diet of Blues Brothers and Commitments, powered by a tasty brass section made for some interesting gigs!


The middle years...

Post University, music became even more interesting with a succession of interesting music projects including Doobie Wah, Trampoline, Wilmer and eventually in 1995 I joined Graffiti.


And there we have my musical Biography to date.


Special thanks to:-

Pearl drums

Zildjian Cymbals

Vater sticks

A very supportive family