Thursday, 21 October 2021


Hi I'm Alun, the guitarist and lead vocalist in Graffiti

I started playing the guitar before I started High School (and that was a long time ago!).  My first guitar was a cheap nylon string Spanish guitar which soon became the ‘victim’ of my endless hours of strumming.

It wasn’t long before a passion for playing had set in and I was soon saving up all of my pocket money to buy an electric guitar and amp to enable me to transform my parent’s front room into my personal rehearsal studio where I could play along to my vinyl records (no CD’s or i-Pods back in those days!) at rock concert volume!

A year before I left High School I had already joined my first band (Myfanwy) and had started to ‘cut my teeth’ on the live circuit by doing the usual Social Clubs around the South Wales area.  This lasted for about three years with the band changing their name to Mr Sad Eye and finally to Heartrocker before the band decided to call it a day.

I was hooked on live music and it wasn’t long before I was back in another band.  A few ex-school mates knocked my door out of the blue one day as they were seeking a guitarist/vocalist.  After a few rehearsals Cardiff Rock band Warrior was born and we were soon on the pub and club circuit playing mainly rock covers to denim clad followers.  Stuff like Status Quo, Cream, Bad Company, AC/DC and a few original numbers were the order of the day until such time that we decided that we needed to move away from the rock stuff and to become more diverse in our approach.  With a band name change to Razzam, we became ‘local legends’ for 10 years and gained a healthy following on the local circuit playing a wide range of pop & rock covers.  All good things come to an end and in 1992 Razzam members decided to go their separate ways.

Itchy feet soon got the better of me and I was soon on the lookout for another band and it wasn’t long before I answered an advert seeking a guitarist/vocalist.  Following a three song audition I was offered the job in newly formed Cardiff band Cartel who were to become relatively successful on the local circuit playing a blend of pop, rock and dance covers mixed in with some original tunes.  Within two years the band had run its course and another musical chapter of my life was closed.

I had now decided that it was time to take the ‘big step’ of putting my own band together so in the summer of 1995 I started to post wanted adverts seeking drums, bass and guitar/keyboards.  By the end of September, Graffiti was ‘born’ and following a 3 month intense song selection and rehearsal process, the band hit the live music scene with a vengeance and the rest as they say, is ‘history’.

I never expected for one minute that Graffiti would last so long or be so successful and I am enjoying fronting the band as much today as when we started off and it’s a true pleasure to play with such talented musicians who all share the same passion for performing.

I guess that I should mention the equipment that I use for any ‘Gear Geeks’ that may be interested, so here is a list of what you will most likely see me performing with:-

Fender JD Signature Telecaster guitar

Fender 'Tuff Dog' Signature Telecaster

Harley Benton Rosewood Telecaster

Brunetti MC2 1x12 60w valve combo

Brunetti Maranello 1x12 20w valve combo

Roland Bluescube Artiste 1x12 80w combo

Boss CE-2 Chorus Pedal  

Nady 201 True Diversity Wireless Guitar System  

Shure SM58 Microphone

LD Systems MEI-1000 in ear monitoring system

Well that’s enough about me.  I hope you have enjoyed finding out a little bit about my musical background and how Graffiti was formed. If you come along to any of our shows, please feel free to come and say hello – we are always happy to have a chat.